🛒 Automated Market Maker

Our first step was the development of our Automated Market Maker (AMM).
An AMM allows us to step away from other DEXs (sketchy and weird ones) and offer more rewards and safety for our users.
It also gives us the freedom to host our own liquidity, and therefore yield farms and staking pools.
UniWswap will also provide support for upcoming projects in order to launch in a safe and protected way through our future Launchpad Program. All dog projects are allowed! (maybe even some cat ones)

Fee Split

We are keeping a competitive trading fee on the platform, that will ultimately still incentivize our LP holders to hold onto their assets in our farms.
The fee split of the AMM will be 0.22% on each trade and distributed as follows:
  • 0.10% LP Token Holders
  • 0.05% Buyback and Burn
  • 0.02% Treasury for Development & Marketing