UniWswap Intro

Welcome to UniWswap! - The next leading AMM on ETHW Chain.

We're launching the best ETHW Chain DEX and the launch is set to be on the 20th August, 2022 as a Fair Launch. Low fees, NFT Staking, Referral System, high burning mechanisms and lots of passive income with our exclusive yield system. 🔥

As a Trader

You will find potential projects on UniWswap early and accompany them to grow up to massive predators through trading, farming, etc. Also, we have the lowest trading fees on ETHW Chain. How awesome is that? You save fees when you trade on us compared to other DEXes! (The coolest dog TBH 😅).

As a Project

You will find the best support on UniWswap, including grants/launchpad fundraise, arbitrage support, marketing support and our network that stretches across all chains. Projects can reach out to us to establish pools or farms or for whitelisting on our swap.

🔁 Trade

Instantly swap tokens: no registration or account needed. Everything is decentralized!

Lower fees

UniWswap runs on ETHW Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Save that extra cash for some treats!


Unlike centralized exchanges, UniWswap doesn't hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your tokens, and you can trade directly from your wallet without anyone holding your funds! B0rk B0rk 🤩

💰 Earn

Earn $UNIW and other tokens with high interest rates and APY!
The annual percentage yield (APY) is the real rate of return earned on an investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest. Unlike simple interest, compounding interest is calculated periodically and the amount is immediately added to the balance.

Lowest Trading Fees

With low Trading Fees (lowest in the ETHW Chain) you are guaranteed the best rates all the time when you trade via UniWswap!

Earn $UNIW via Yield Farms

Stake LP tokens to earn $UNIW. You get LP tokens through staking tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs). The amount of $UNIW rewards you will receive can be calculated via the APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Earn tokens via Pools

Stake $UNIW to earn tokens contributed by our partner projects. Partner projects provide us with their tokens to help increase their exposure via our platform or as payment for us helping them set up farms!

🛡 Security

Our first priority is security! This is why in our roadmap we have planned many audits (Techrate, Paladin, Certik and RugDoc).
Our team will continue getting more auditor firms onboard to audit our codes as we continue building out our platform.
Our goal is to create a secure platform for everyone that the safest as possible\
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